Monday, February 2, 2015

Elliot-4 Months

Four months, time continues to fly!
  • You can navigate from front to back with ease and you are quite good at scooting wherever you want to go. I fear little one you will be crawling and then walking before I know it.
  • You continue to be mostly quiet preferring to watch and observe and smile.
  • You rarely laugh but you smile all of the time and right now your tongue is your favorite.
  • You are STILL sleeping in the rock n play by our bed. I tried to transition you to your crib in your brother's room.  Your dad and I had one glorious night of you sleeping in the other room and we woke up to you and your brother entertaining each other. It was so sweet and wonderful. We tried again the next night which resulted in you waking up your brother twice and ended with me chucking your pacifier across the room in the dark. Maybe next month you will sleep in your crib.
  • You love love your feet and often have them above you in the air or in your mouth.
You are loved little one, from your fuzzy head to your toes and everything in between. You are your own little person already and we love you so! Can you continue to grow but also stop at the same time? 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Elliot 3 months

Ellie-girl, somehow it has been three months and by the time I post this it will  be past four months!
-You can give us a big gummy smile, but you prefer to smile with your mouth closed. It is sweet and unique and I love it. I call it your little line smile.
-You still sleep in a rock n play by our bed. We really need to work on getting you into your crib.
-Bless you child you sleep through the night most nights, again BLESS YOU!
-When we carry you, you prefer to tuck your head under our chin and watch the "goings on"
-You come alive in the evenings, its the best time to hear you talk
-It is so hard to know exactly what your personality will be like, but right now you are strong, sensitive and fiercely determined. During christmas, we would often put you on your playmat and turn around and find you under the tree. 
-You seem much more serious than your goofy brother. You rarely laugh (although you smile all of the time)

Dear one, we love you so very much and cannot wait to see you grow into yourself and who you will be.  Know this, you are loved ever so much by your daddy and me and of course by your brother.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Today was a good day, full of "hi momma's", hugs, and your head resting on my shoulder. I want to remember days like these because tomorrow might be full of "no's", "mine" and fit throwing. I want to remember today because the tomorrow where those boots you are wearing will fit will come all too soon.

Monday, December 8, 2014

19 Months

I am learning quickly that if I do not begin to write a few things down about your childhood, Watson, I will soon forget them. So here are a few things that I would like to remember about you this month.

-If you suddenly disappear, we often find you in your room on your rocker reading books
-You love giving hugs and now you make a "kissy" noise when you give us kisses
-Your language development has exploded although your favorite words continue to be "woah" and "okay"
-Other words we are beginning to decipher are "wan" for want, dear boy we hear that one a lot and not  everything you want you get. I have a hard time with that one as well. You also say biscuits, but it doesn't quite sound like biscuits....
-Instead of saying cat or dog or cow you make their sounds and our favorite is your monkey noises or your wolf howl.
-You have mastered "daddy" and "mommy" for awhile now but you think it is funny to call me "daddy" *sigh*
-Other words include:  Mine, cheese, juice, one, two (never three), keys, shower, baby, cha cha, nanna, ya ya, poppy which sounds like "bobby", and jump for the trampoline, and shoe shoes for shoes
-You have even mastered a few simple sentences: "I wanna show", "Let's go", and "Where is she?"
-You tell us to "shoosh" when Ellie is sleeping
-You absolutely love wrestling with dad and you try to distract him so that you can go in for the sneak attack
-Some of your favorite things are going outside, jumping on the trampoline, eating sweets *sigh*, playing in the car and being read to.
-You have started throwing fits. We knew this day would come and in your normal fashion you do it your own way which typically involves throwing yourself down and being completely still. You usually get up in a better mood so we let you have your time.
-You are a champion sleeper and you typically take a nap from 12-3 and go down for bed around 8.

Watson, you continue to be a joy to be around. Our love for you grows daily. I love being your mommy even though you call me daddy!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


-Watson is learning to walk and is expanding his balancing act to taking 2-3 steps
- I have been eating a bowl of cereal every night. You are welcome to infer as to why. Since 10 people follow this blog and  since I haven't blogged in something like 2 years, I doubt this will be news
- I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make my header image be centered on my blog. This is very frustrating to someone who considers herself rather clever at times.
- We are all tired of winter. There I said it. Even I, who loves winter is ready to banish the cold
- I am blogging because I can't stand another minute on facebook trying to idle away the cold weather

Monday, February 6, 2012

Christmas at the Watson House

Well, I definitely haven't blogged as much as I was hoping to.  It seems that working full time puts a damper on such things.  So here is an overdue Christmas update with lots of pictures of cute kids. How can I go wrong with that?

Here is my dad.  He is the one that pays for all of our fun. He just recently purchased some super cool glasses.  Truth be told, he is actually having a conversation with my pregnant older sister.  She would drive down and kill me if I didn't preemptively cut her out of the photo. For those of you who were wondering, she is an adorable pregnant lady.

Here is my older brother braving all of the boys.  There are ONLY boys in our family so we are hoping that Tara will end the streak and even out all of the testosterone with a sweet little girl come April.

We spent a little time riding our horses.  They live a very charmed life. They are only ridden about twice a year. Jack is quite the cowboy.  If this picture could talk you would here him whooping and hollering.

Here is Tara's youngest. He is absolutely spoiled rotten because seriously who could say "no" to this face?

This is Ben. Sam's older brother. He has a serious cowboy face on. I am sure that he would melt your heart if he tipped his hat at you.

Here is the little stinker again refusing to pose with me.

This may be the best face of the whole post.  If a picture is worth a thousand words this face speaks volumes.  I love it. I love that freckled nose. I love that I have this picture for future blackmail.

Here is that sweet face again with a grin.

We played ALOT with swords.  My older sisters kids are really in to Star Wars. So light sabers were where it was at.

Here Sam is finishing off his kill. You know you have to take the head or it is just not worth it.

More of the swords. Aren't those faces terrifying?

Here is Uncle "Crack" wading into the foray. I believe we lost him that day.

That is it. That was our holiday.  Okay, that was all the photographic documentation I found on my camera.  Enjoy!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A robe, a wand

It began with an evening trip to Tulsa

 We celebrated our upcoming graduation at the Mayo. And we looked something like this...

and I laughed like this...yeah it wasn't pretty but it was fun. Love this girl!

And I went with this guy...

 And we ended the night like this

Thankfully, there was a day of rest in between the graduation party and graduation

Graduation was so fun.  We all were black robes that made us look like we might be wizards...and ridiculous hats that nobody looks good in.

And these wonderful people came to cheer me on!

And these wonderful people came! My Tulsa parents...

Family pic with Sam. We miss our old roommate and kid.

We finally let Rachel take a picture with us...she was very happy

the love of my life..yep, he is pretty wonderful

Audra and I telling our boys how to take a picture...I don't know why but I love this picture

Finally a picture where we are both smiling and looking at the camera, you would not believe the lengths we had to go to in order to get this one picture

These were some lovely flowers that I received from my future boss. How sweet is that!

And this is the end...don't we look so professional. Don't you just want us to prescribe some medicine to you!

Such a long, long journey. 30 months, thousands of miles and too many nights away from my's over. Now for boards. Oh yes, it never stops